Blogger Challenge 2 : Current Relationship

There’s we go, the second challenge. Blogger Challenge 2 : Currently Relationship.

Relationship huh?

I don’t have so much experience when it comes to relationships. I know this kind of ‘relationship’ means boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, not relationship with friends or family. But think nothing goes wrong if I write about it, I really need to writing about any relationships I have in my life.

Blogger Challenge 2

Actually, I’m single. Neither have a boyfriend nor husband. I’m not either proud or sad or even depressed of being a single woman because there’s nothing harm or useless without a man in your life. I have my Abah and my brothers, three of them can be my protector and I perfectly know they’re not even same as a boyfriend since my brothers always pissed me off almost of the time. But I think I’m rather stay single than fall in love with a wrong man and make myself hurt.

I still remember how angry I am when I was fifteen, my boyfriend called me in the middle of night, 3 AM in fact, just to say something which is I don’t remember much actually but I still remember that night how pissed I am. He interrupted my sleep just to said something useless, while I need to sleep for school tomorrow, as the best girlfriend I’m trying to be ‘polite’ with him. And guess what? That’s the last time he called me. I’m not trying to persuade him because I don’t think I need to. After that, I thought I’m immature but later, I think he’s the one who immature. Maybe some of you may thought this is cliche and annoying but I found out about something. No matter how deep you love for her or him, just respect your partner sleep time. THATS IMPORTANT. YOU’RE IMPORTANT FOR THEM BUT HAVE A ENOUGH SLEEP ALSO IMPORTANT.

It’s okay to leave if you are not happy. If someone is not making you happy or making you feel less than, just leave. You don’t have to make excuses for people. You need to love yourself before you can love anyone else. May Allah forgive and protect us.

Sarah Hildebrand

Actually above quote has nothing to do with me, my life but someday of course, but I’m know some of you out there may related to the quote. Just stay strong.  That’s all for Blogger Challenge 2: Currently Relationship. 

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    1. Abam Kie says:

      Yes, we need to make ourselves happy before we make others happy. Thanks for being my follower. I want to follow back but it looks like you are using a wordpress platform. Huhuhuhu…

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