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Do You Really Need Bloglist Section on Your Sidebar?

Bloglist is one of the gadget provided by Blogger for us to simplify us to blogwalking on some our favorite blogs. Bloglist basically provided in the form of any blogs  we decided to put it on  in our bloglist.
In other words, we don’t need to bother to try remember about which blogs we need to blogwalking today or troubles yourself by trying to remember the address of a blog or website that uses a complicated URL , just look at our blog’s sidebar, find out which ones have the latest blog posts, just click on it and it’ll bring you to the new post of the blog. Anyway, it’s just up to us whether you really want to or not in your blog.
  1. Feel free to put on how many blogs in your bloglist.Dashboard > Layout > Add A Gadget > Choose Bloglist.
  2. When creating a new bloglist, you can change the title My Blog List to any you like. 
  3. Decided whether you want your bloglist sort it by the most recently updated or sort alphabetically by blog title. 
  4. Decided how many blogs you want to show on your bloglist. All blogs or 5 or 10 or 25.
  5. Click add a blog to your list.
  6. You can add blog by URL or by blogs you’re following 
  7. You have options whether you want include icon, title, snippet, thumbnail or date. 
Why I decided to remove my bloglist? Because (a) I feel completely better than before by follow up updated of my favorite blogs  through the Blogger Dashboard and (b) my blog’s sidebar will look more neat and well organized. My wish is none of my favorite bloggers and my readers of this blog would think I don’t appreciate all their efforts to visit this blog, read the immature entries and leave a meaningful comments by saw none of a bloglist, don’t worry I’m still remember yours.

For you who’s curious about whether we can include any other blog than Blogger’s blog, don’t worry. Blogger’s bloglist not only specific for Blogger users, you also can include another platform like WordPress.com, WordPress Self Hosted and Tumblr users but I’m not so sure about Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Jux.com, or TypePad.com because I’m never bother to use it for my blog because I got my agreeable with Blogger platform. 

For you who’s gonna put a ton, a ton you know πŸ˜› I mean a lot of your favorite blogs in your bloglist gadget, I recommend you to  put scrollbar on your bloglist to make it looks neat and tidy. Maybe some of you got 10 or 20 favorite blogs to put on the bloglist gadget, so when you click Save button and look at your blog, sure you’ll think how messy your blog is by looking at the bloglist, how long the bloglist is. I recommend you to follow up this Bloglist Scrollbar Tutorial by using CSS to make your bloglist looks marvellous. 

Do you have bloglist on your blog? Why? Come here and share with me by leave a comment below. 

I'm Mija, a dreamer, coffee addicted, love reading & going around to delicious coffee shops.


  1. macam saya pulak kena letak bloglist sbb selalu lupa url blog rakan2 πŸ™‚ muda2 lagi dah lupa hehe

  2. For me I need to put the bloglists. From my bloglist I will go through their blogs, but also the one who comments on their blogs. I also go through the reading list on my dashboard to see who are keep updating their blog πŸ˜€ Just my opinion πŸ™‚

  3. after few years without bloglist, this year, i have a bloglist, mija.
    for my top commentators. and the link will remain unless their blog not active for more than 6 months.
    why? just to appreciate them. terjah my blog and took time to leave few words.
    but, i am still blogwalking from the dashboard. always.

  4. Oh yesss… I utilize the blogger bloglist function on my blog ever since my early days of blogging. I limit to 5 visible blogs (most recently updated) on my sidebar, the rest is under 'show all' ;3

  5. Teringat masa mula-mula nak ada blog dulu. Belajar melalui internet je.. fuh.. pandai2 sendiri je masa tu.. hehehe..

  6. I have a bloglist in one of my blogs, but it's been a while since I've updated it, that quite a few of the blogs are no longer active. Life has been so hectic, I've not been able to do much about it. The good thing about having a bloglist is the convenience of visiting our favs whenever we can. I like your idea of putting it in a scrollbar.

  7. Speaking of bloglist, it's been a while since I last updated it. Amazing post, Mija! πŸ™‚

    Fatina Mudz

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