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Everything You Need To Know About Being A Babysitter

Proudly say that I am a babysitter. A twenty-three babysitter (it’s just April, I’ll officially turn twenty-four this June btw). I’m getting older day by day. Sigh. So do my kids.

What you need to know about this job actually is, you’re like a mother to the babies, more like ‘part time mother’. I named it as a ‘part time mother’ because you’re still have to make them milk (not your milk), put them to sleep, bathe them and also playing with them. I started this super awesome career when I was 19 or maybe 20, at home. If you asked me why I’m not working at any child-care center instead of home since I love kids, I’ll tell you why.

Sure you can work at any child-care center, but the atmosphere will be different than home. I’m not so sure with my ability. Of course I can take care two babies right now, but you need to know that when you started it at the home then you’re trying to take a challenge for yourself by taking a next step to the child-care center, I don’t know whether you can make it work for yourself. At the child-care center, maybe there’s more than two babies, maybe more than four, who’s knows and I’m still not sure with myself yet. Everything is easier said than done, “Oh..just a babies, you’ll get used with it, don’t worry”. To the people who said it, have you thought about it? Have you thought about babies abused lately?







Damia + her Mama


Okay back to the topic. My first experience started with Amni at 2012 to 2014 then Hayyan at 2014 to 2016 and Aisy and Damia(present) and both of them are 2 years old. 
Being a babysitter means you have to sitting in front of the television and accompanied them both, watching Didi & Friends, Upin Ipin, Robocar Poli every single day, and you won’t even mind. Being a babysitter means you have to make them milk fast no matter how clumsy you are. Being a babysitter means you’ll looks at them when they’re dancing and then you’ll to. Being a babysitter means you know you have to share your food with them too as long as all the food wasn’t a spicy ones, they’ll be fine. Sharing is caring, right? Being a babysitter means your throat would become sore from continuously forbid they from doing something dangerous for themselves like climbing up on the table, running around and else. Being a babysitter means your eyes will always focused on them and keep worrying about them. Being a babysitter means you’re always salam, kiss their cheeks and hi five before they’re going home.


So far so good with babies, also with their parents. Alhamdulillah, I’ve no problem at all to handle the babies and their parents also not a fussy ones which is makes my job going to be  pleasured and easier. Parents play a huge role also for the babysitter, not only the babies. If they’re is not kind of drama types and not get angry and unsatisfied without any extreme reason, I’ll be fine.  

I'm Mija, a dreamer, coffee addicted, love reading & going around to delicious coffee shops.


  1. Bukan mudah nak jadi babysitter.. Kadang parents yang cerewet buat babysitter stress.. Kadang babysitter problem.. Rezeki kalau dapat dua-dua pihak yang boleh bertolak ansur.. Semoga kerjaya babysitter sis akan berkembang maju hingga punya taska sendiri.. Aamiin..

  2. mama sy penah jd babysitter dulu…mmg renyah. ye laa ank org kn…sm mcm jg ank kita jg…

  3. makcik sha pun baby sitter jugak,sha dulu teringin jugak nak jadi baby sitter tapi makcik cakap takpayah, sha takpandai jaga budak huwaaaa. btw follow here!

  4. saya pun baby sitter. alhamdulillah dpt parents yg tak cerewet.

  5. Wah bagus ni..dah start practice babysit anak buah. Nanti dah kawen senang nak handle 🙂

  6. Being a babysitter is a huge responsibility – the best thing is seeing the kids grow up before your eyes. Good practice for you – senang la nanti bila dah dpt anak sendiri. 😀

  7. Sebab tak pandai la kita kena belajar, kalau tak sampai ke sudah tak pandai hahaha 😂 😂 😂 Thanks sebab sudi singgah kat blog saya ni thanks again sebab sudi follow hehe

  8. Alhamdulillah.. Tu yang best tu.. Parents tak cerewet, kalau yang cerewet tu memang mintak jauh laa

  9. Dulu lepas SPM amik upah baby sit anak buah sebab nak beli smartphone untuk masuk Universiti. Gigih tau iols. Hahahaha. Alhamdulillah baby yang kita jaga tu sekarang dah 8 tahun, dah paling sayang kat Mai la antara semua aunty dia.

  10. Woahaa gigih ko ye, aunties dia yang lain-lain tu tak jeles ke? Haha

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