My Favorite Youtube Channels

Favorite Youtube Channels

Here are some of my favorite YouTube channels that I’ve subscribed to, and I’m buoying you to do the same if you’re not already there, and if there’s something you’re going to like, too.

Because of why? Because I love you YouTube. I believe there’s good things about YouTube, as long as you’re subscribe to the good and innovative channels, at the same time hearten you up.

The Makeup Chair

First, I found her on YouTube on the random video then I subscribe her channel cause I felt impressed with her makeup tutorials. From natural makeup to smokey eyes, from skincare routine to anything else you just name it. By the way, this Irish beauty blogger and vlogger also has her first ever book, TheMakeupChair Handbook.

Athisha Khan

Oh Neelofa’s younger sister,  Athisha Khan. She actually a blogger and now vlogger too.  I adore her writing style  and her videos. As  for me,  she is beauty with the brain ( I don’t know why I said this but I think she’s more better than me) I’m jealous with her. Beautiful, rich, wisely, have such a big happy family and sweet boyfriend, Haikal. Now tell me why I shouldn’t be jealous on her T_T.

How It Should Have Ended

Nothing films ending are better than this one. I subscribed them. Oh yeah they’re makes a great animated parody alternate endings to major motion pictures which is makes them farcical.

Raon Lee

As an anime lover, I know I can’t stop myself from browsing through YouTube my favorite anime’s songs which is leads to her. I think this Korean girl has a great voice and her passion impressed me.

Pony Syndrome

Who doesn’t like to watching and trying Korean makeup style from a Korean makeup artist. I loves her voice when she explained about makeup, she speaks in Korean and makes English subtitle and makes us understand more about makeup without any crap. 

Favorite Youtube Channels

Tina Yong

 Loves ‘Tina Tries It’ and recently I watched she trying Maybelline X Gigi Hadid Collection which is makes me wanna try out those collection really hard.

Favorite Youtube Channels

Cinema Sins

Created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson, their famous Everything Wrong With… series is the most favorite videos to watch. They are here when I bored, sad and hurt and always ready to makes me feeling better by watching their videos and listen to their voices. p/s : they’re love Anna Kendrick ❤

So there’s only YouTube channels that I have subscribed for now. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of YouTube channels will be coming on this blog and I’ll full of guts to share with you guys. So, what are you favorite YouTube channels?

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Youtube Channels

  1. Siqah Hussin says:

    Jeles jugak dengan adik neelofa 😅 Siqah tak tahu pun dia ada blog. Nak kena godek blog dia nanti. Tertarik juga dengan The Makeup Chair. Cantiknya dia 😊

  2. Raydah says:

    oh my some of them are my favourites too. my current favourite is THE ACE FAMILY. If you haven't, try and watch their videos too. ^^

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