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Follow Your Blog Because Of?

Peace be upon you and hi

First at all, congratulations for your new domain and Happy Birthday Budak Vanilla ice cream the cutest blogger ever, and also my brother (5th March 2000)

There’s some kind of reasons why people loves to follow up and read your blog posts. Some of us love to follow any blogs that has write a very good articles or entries in their blog  and you can fill your free time by read these entries without being bored. There’s also have some of bloggers who have been following your blog because of your good looking, whether you know it or not. I know how nonsense it sound but you’ll never know how many weirdos in this world, honeybee.

And some of us willing to follow any blogs in return for them because they are follow your blog. For this reason, mostly they’re follow your blog because of some of you makes a segments or giveaways to increase the number of your blog followers. For sure, this is the easiest thing ever in blogging world to get some followers and I’m currently burning with curiosity about an hour ago about the some of bloglist  segment of the month and year or whatnot, also the giveaways. 
That’s my curiosity. And I’m still not getting any answers for my curiosity although I have been googling it. 
Maybe I should let it be anyway, and use it as a my blog post just in case I don’t have any idea what to make my blog keep updating. 

I'm Mija, a dreamer, coffee addicted, love reading & going around to delicious coffee shops.


  1. I love her blog tooooo!!! ^^ she's awesome! <3 heeee 😀

  2. Siqah pun tertanya-tanya jugak siapa blogger yang mulakan idea buat giveaway dan segment.. Kalau dah tahu, sila inform sini. Hihi

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