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Life Lately – How’s Your Goals?

Asking by Cero hahaha, the most gifted and awesome blogger. So I decided to make this post. Oh wait, didn’t you even read your blog comments and got an idea to make these comments as your entry? Yes I did it, for the first time hahaha.
For my February goals post,
there’s so great to read any of your comments. Thank a lot for the comments guys, you’re rock.
So how’s my goals?
Let’s read the first one. Read at least one book in this month. Absolutely, I did it. Although I’ve not buy any new books, I decided to re-read my old books collection. It’s really amazing. Read your old books which is you decided to not read them again before is great,  you can recall the plot of the books by reading it’s and enjoy by yourself. But the sadly part is, I’d always REMEMBER any of annoyed and hate part of the books, that’s why I’m not finish my reading, unless some books which is not having rags to riches and the quest storyline.
Second, work out three days a week. Not going so well with this goal. I only did the squat to burn fat from my thighs.
Third, say no to Valentine’s Day. As I can remember, when I was in secondary school (that’s time I’ve gotten what’s Valentine’s Day) I always loves to celebrate with my boyfriend but guess what? When I was teen, I’d never have any experience with the boyfriend hahaha. When I woke up in 14 February, I didn’t even remember that day was Valentine’s Day (so silly)
I loves green tea but not as much as coffee. To be clear, coffee still my favorite ones. But drinking green tea is good for your health, honey. I’d love Boh green tea and I already run out of the green tea. Need to go to nearest convenience store to buy more green tea hehehe.
Blogging? I’m tried to convince myself to satisfied with the blog and brainstorming for new ideas for the blog. I hope my blogger friends will always proud with their own blog too. But I was frustrated with myself whenever I got any ideas for the blog, typing these and out of the blue I forgot to click the save button before reloaded and all my efforts gone.
I’d love my job and playing with babies and talking with them, I still not understand the baby language but knowing that not only me makes me feel happy and excited. Struggling with the babies, to wear diapers and clothes for the babies aren’t going very well you know *sobs sobs*
Alhamdulillah, Allah S.W.T blessed me. Here I am, writing for the blog to make this blog much better than before. And also looking for the babies. I don’t know what to do if I got sick. Haha maybe it’ll be ruin all. Make my life will be upside down. But don’t worry, my immune system is not weak, it’s strong enough to against the disease In shaa Allah.

I'm Mija, a dreamer, coffee addicted, love reading & going around to delicious coffee shops.


  1. Alhamdulillah. so happy for you. Me too. I've achieved some of my goals and there's still more to come. Ameen. may Allah ease everything for us

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