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Hyouka Kedua: Dalang Di Sebalik Tirai

Kenapa Tak Tanya Eba?

Do I mentioned before that I read the second installment of Kotenbu Series a.k.a Classic Literature Club Series before the first one? Hyouka Kedua: Dalang Di Sebalik Tirai Kedua: Kenapa Tak Tanya Eba?, when I writing the review right now, I’m just buying the sixth installment and will read it soon.

Synopsis :

“Aku nak tahu…”

Chitanda Eru yang penuh dengan perasaan ingin tahu terjebak dalam misteri sebuah filem indie hasil ciptaan Kelas 2-F yang bakal ditayangkan semasa berlangsungnya Pesta Kanya. Seorang lelaki dikunci dalam bilik rahsia sebuah bangunan terbiar. Dia mati setelah tangannya dipotong hingga putus. Tetapi… siapa yang bunuh? Macam mana caranya? Filem itu hanya tamat begitu sahaja tanpa sebarang penjelasan. Disebabkan perasaan ingin tahu yang membuak-buak, Chitanda Eru bersama Oreki Houtarou serta rakan lain mula menyiasat kebenaran di sebalik penamat filem itu.

Bersedia untuk kejutan dalam jilid kedua siri ‘Kelab Sastera Klasik’!

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Review :

In the second installment of the Kotenbu Series, the characters are more fleshed out and they become more alive than the first book Hyouka. It might be because we already know the set up of the story through Hyouka, or because the story is simply better than the first one. While the first one is still memorable to me to some extend, the second installment brought much fun and entertainment to me as a reader, especially when we see how the hero take the wrong step and make the wrong decision because of the “Empress”. Nobody is perfect including Houtarou.

The second book told the story about the process to the Culture Festival in Kamiyama High School, where Class 2-F is struggling to find the replacement writer of their “Mystery” (working title) movie because the original writer was suddenly collapsed and sick due to, as they claimed, working for too hard on the preparation

The Classic Clubs members are asked by the leader of 2-F, Irisu Fuyumi nicknamed as the “Empress” by the other students, to help in finding the best storyline for the movie that was abruptly ended in the middle due to the original writer unable to finish it because she’s sick

This sounds simple and easy, but when you start reading it, it’s actually not. There are a lot of things to think about, from the plot, the setting, the script, the reference books, to the intention of the original writer. Reading the pages after pages of this book never makes me bored, therefore I gave the book 5-star for its excellency in blending the mystery with some little humour to the story.

Classic Literature Club Series Review :

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