Blogger Challenge 1: Introduction

Welcome to the first chapter of the challenge, people :-]]. Okay so far, today blogger challenge 1, as a normal introduction, let’s start about myself first then I’ll proceed about the blog.

I’m Mija but my real name is Erni Hasmiza. As a matter of fact, my blog’s name have nothing to do with my real name, my family and friends doesn’t called me Mija either. I picked up the name because of how short it is and easy to write. See, just two simple and clear reasons, I think my Umi should be grateful for having me as her daughter, despite being a troublemaker, I’m not such a complicated ones. Simple minded plus a little bit clumsy. Pretty good girl. Phew.

Born on 1994, sure you can guess my age, do you? B-)

Blogger Challenge 1
Here I am

Emm, I’m not so into K-pop but lately I’ve been listening to Blackpink new song, Kill This Love and let’s me say this. THEY ARE AWESOME LITTLE GROUP GIRL. Blame on my sister, please. She keeps singing and dancing around and I can’t stop myself from googling about Blackpink.

I started knows about blog when I google and read Hlovate’s blogs before (I’m not really remember it since Hlovate has a few of blogs but I’m sure about Blogdrive) and then started blogging on 2013 actually but I kept deleted and made the new ones non-stop, but on 2016, I decided to start from scratch and after then change to self hosted WordPress. Pardon me for any bloggers who knows and read my blog with a creepy annoying blog name and URL before.

Majoring write about anything related to the lifestyle stuff and a little reviews about skincare. I can’t stop myself from eyeing beautiful themes in Etsy and how I wish I have a lot of money (cause WordPress themes quite expensive compared to Blogger templates) to purchase any themes I want anytime, but I felt relieved because I still under control.

So yeah. That’s all for Blogger Challenge 1: Introduction. I wish I could finish this Blogger Challenge anytime soon as I can and I hope more bloggers can join this challenge just for fun.

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