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Leave Your Blog Post Link In Comment Section To Increase Your Blog Traffic.

As a blogger, we loves to see another new comments in our blog posts. Especially the comments which is sound marvelous to us, with a fair-spoken and courtly statement, can increase our uplifting to improvising our writing style better and better, importantly a perfectly posts that can increase our blog traffic. But the most important question here : is it true if we leave our blog URL in the comment section, our blog traffic will grow better?

If you ask me, I can’t denied nowadays, day after day the numbers of blogs or websites that created by new users increasing and they’re tried hard to make their blog noticeable by others by trying any blog tips to increase their traffic, one of them is by leave a comment about the post then their blog link. To be honest, nothing wrong with doing in that way. Others blogger, the professional ones will appreciate you because you’re knowing them and most of them very pleased to read your blog posts and help you by share with the others but if you create an annoying and awful posts, yeah maybe they’ll be there for the first and last time.

I recommend you to leave your URL blog post in the comment section of the blog by
put this HTML code in the comment box

<a href=”Your Blog Post URL”>Post Title</a>

to make it look clean and make it easy to for others instead of leave your URL just like that. You’ll also looks like a professional blogger.  

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  1. Yaaa good sharing 🙂 Cara letak link yang nampak kemas. Thank you 🙂

  2. Thank you Erni, lepas ni Wanie nak buat mcm ni jugak 😊❤

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