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Mouth Ulcer, Regretful & Miss This Blog

I think it’s a long time no any update on this blog and honestly I felt uncomfortable and upset with myself being an immature person who’s fail to organize my time with my readers and everyone in between. But I have a solid reason why I haven’t posted anything for a while. 
First let’s start with my mouth. Few days ago, like almost a week, I woke up with hazy and I just couldn’t remember what I’m doing after having seizures again. My mouth feels horrible and I can’t eat like I eat before. It’s hurting… And I keep asking myself why my mouth hurt. Then I’m standing in front of my wardrobe mirror, opened my mouth widely and there’s you go, the mouth ulcer on the mouth on the left side of the cheek and to be honest, it’s quite a lot, not one or two. Lot and hurt. I thought they’re because I’m biting my mouth the left side of the cheek when I having seizures and lucky me because of my head banging on wooden flooring not on ceramics. The result is there’s swelling on my left cheek.  The lesson is don’t forget to take the medicine as required by your doctor. 
I also cut off my hair. It’s quite a long time I don’t cut my hair so why not heh? At the moment I’ve arrived at the hair salon, step into the salon and smile to the owner, sitting on the chair while waiting for my turn, when the hair stylist done with her previous customer, she turned and looked at me, she asked “Adik mau potong rambut?”, I nodded and sat on the front of the mirror with confidence.  And now I regret it. Where those confidence before? I think I don’t have any different with the others girls. Decided to let my hair go and then regret it. Urgh. The most I hate is Husna. #JanganBenciCintaku yeah I’m watching Akasia 7:30 pm drama right now hehe.


I'm Mija, a dreamer, coffee addicted, love reading & going around to delicious coffee shops.

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