The Beauty Tips That I Swear By
I know you have your own beauty tips that good for you so do I. We’re having a good beauty tips by learning it from oldies, reading from beauty blogs and thanks to them. Today I’d like to share with you my beauty tips that have worked for me.
1. Rice water for skin. Do not throw the rice water that’s rich with minerals and vitamins for tightens and brightening your skin. 
2. Regularly clean your pillowcases to prevent skin damage because of built up dirt and oil from your skin and hair. 
3. If you used a face mist that you make at home, always put it in the fridge to make it work better. Cold face mist will make your skin glowing and refreshing and can also boosting your mood.
4. Natural makeup is better than heavy makeup and good choice and will look good for everyone, for any occasion. 
5. Use a moisturizer before applying makeup will make your makeup long lasting and also  boost hydration in your skin, to prevent flaking and dullness face. 
6. Even you’re wearing tudung and dress modestly, your hair is the crown you never take off, non’?  Don’t forget to use shampoo, conditioners  and also buy a good hair oil or serum for the hair to make it looks good and healthy. Use this 
7. Use tea as a face and body scrub. And green tea is much better than others plus green tea is packed with the full of goodness for us. See,  you can drink it and use the loose tea as a scrub, two is better than one. 
8. Don’t touch your face with dirty hands. In fact, without realizing, you transfer bacteria and viruses by touching your face.
9. Don’t pick, pop or squeeze pimples in case you will make it worse. I don’t scrubbing my face whenever there’s pimples.
10. Investing in high quality products really good for you and can also make you happy because you know what your skin need and want the best for yourself. 
11. Use a makeup remover. Light, heavy or neutral makeup, you’d still need a make up remover no matter what. 
12. Mascara is the best makeup stuff ever. With wearing mascara, you can have a dramatic and fine eyes which is makes you look feminine. 
13. Drink water as much as your body can take it and boost hydration in your body. Drink eight glasses of water in a day is totally bullshit. Sweet and soft drinks isn’t good for you.


What are your beauty tips that your swear by? Mind sharing. 

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I'm Mija, a dreamer, coffee addicted, love reading & going around to delicious coffee shops. I blog about lifestyle especially book and skincare review. All the posts and reviews I wrote on this blog depends on my personal opinion.

12 thoughts on “ The Beauty Tips That I Swear By ”

  1. 1. "Rice water for skin". Siqah guna petua ni sekarang. Rajin lak. hii
    2. Bab jangan touch face with dirty hands… ala kadang2 tak sengaja, terbuat. Huhu.
    3. Yes, moisturizer is very important for me. And sunscreen too. Always wear it bila nak keluar rumah 🙂

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